Benefits of Global Treatment with Your Life Insurance

Global Treatement From Aviva

Benefits of Global Treatment with Your Life Insurance

As a fervent advocate for comprehensive healthcare access, I believe that the Global Treatment option significantly enhances any Aviva insurance plan. It offers unparalleled access to global medical facilities and specialists, becoming an indispensable asset for those seeking the best possible medical treatment worldwide. Hence, integrating Global Treatment into your life insurance portfolio becomes a game-changer for your healthcare journey.

Exploring the Horizon of Healthcare: The Why and How of Global Treatment

In today’s interconnected world, we tirelessly search for the best healthcare solutions without considering borders. Global Treatment shines as a beacon of hope, providing clients with unparalleled access to world-class medical facilities and specialists across the globe. So, what elevates Global Treatment as a must-have add-on to your life insurance policy? Let’s explore the essence of this innovative service.

Access to World-Class Medical Experts and Treatment, Anywhere

Global Treatment’s promise connects clients with the highest standard of medical care worldwide. Whether seeking cutting-edge cancer treatment in the US or groundbreaking neurosurgery in Germany, Global Treatment puts the world at your fingertips for healthcare. This global access not only expands your treatment options but also could significantly enhance your medical outcomes.

A Seamless Journey to Recovery

Imagine a diagnosis that requires specialist treatment. Global Treatment simplifies the journey from diagnosis to recovery. A dedicated nurse case manager and customer care team support you, navigating the complex process of selecting treatment centres, consulting with specialists, and outlining your treatment options.

Clients can choose their treatment location and type while the care team manages everything from hospital admissions to arranging travel and accommodation (3-4 star quality) for both the patient and a companion. This comprehensive support system aims to remove the burden of organisation and administration, focusing clients solely on their recovery.

Coverage and Peace of Mind

For an additional premium of just £3 per month, you can integrate Global Treatment into Life Insurance+, Critical Illness+, Income Protection+, and Living Costs Protection policies. This coverage extends to the life assured and their eligible children, offering up to £1 million cover per year with a policy term cap of £2 million.Global Treatment covers a wide range of treatments, including

  • cancer therapy
  • coronary artery bypass surgery
  • heart valve replacement or repair
  • neurosurgery
  • live-donor organ transplants
  • bone marrow transplants.

If ongoing medication is needed post-return to the UK, the plan covers costs up to £50,000, provided these are not covered by the NHS.

Who Benefits from Global Treatment?

Global Treatment provides a broad safety net, covering the life assured and their eligible children (up to age 18, or 21 if in full-time education). It comprehensively covers expenses for both the patient and a companion (or both parents in the case of an ill child).

Embrace Global Healthcare Solutions

Global Treatment is an essential part of your health and life insurance policy, offering not just medical coverage but a gateway to the best healthcare solutions globally. It ensures that in matters of health, no stone remains unturned, and no distance is too great to find the right treatment.

Embrace the opportunity to make the world your healthcare oyster with Global Treatment. Your health knows no boundaries.

Opt for Global Treatment today and take the first step towards a future where the best global healthcare solutions are within easy reach.

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